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A Heart-stopping View From the Top: The Navy Seals Parachute into MLB Stadium

By Leujay Cruz on April 16th 2014

We’ve all seen the commercials. A group of heroic men are preparing themselves in the back of an aircraft to leap from the rear cargo doors. Dropping themselves into combat, boots on the ground, surreptitiously surprising their enemies.


This time, there’s no surprise. These guys are welcomed with open arms. A crowd awaits at Petco Park as the parachuters drop thousands of feet from the sky to initiate the American pastime, baseball. As part of the San Diego Padre’s opening day ceremony, one of the parachuters, outfitted with a camera, shows us a first-person view of the San Diego bay. It’s a view most of us don’t get to see.




The Leap Frogs are the United States Navy Parachute Team comprised of active-duty volunteers. The group is selected from the Naval Special Warfare personnel including Navy SEALs and Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen. Their motto, “Heroes on the ground, Legends in the sky,” and with the video below, they represent in style.

As they descend downward, you can see the spectacular views, hear clicks from a still camera and with precision, hit their target in the middle of the field. The anxious crowd awaiting the start of baseball season erupts in a loud cheer and as the Leap Frogger lands, the San Diego Padre’s mascot runs towards the camera for a high five!


Check out the video below

via 22words / Leap Frogs

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Leujay is a full time wedding photographer with Lin & Jirsa Photography and a freelance runway fashion photographer. He currently lives in Palm Desert with his wife and two dogs. When he’s not enjoying quality family time he fancies himself as a work-in-progress world traveler.

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