Professional headshot services can be a huge revenue generator for any photographer or studio. Headshot Photography 101 is all about showing you that consistently amazing headshots can be created with any gear, on any budget, and in any location. Watch the trailer below to see what it’s all about!

As a special Launch Sale discount we are offering $30 off Headshot Photography originally a $129 value! Learn how to achieve great lighting no matter the location, gear, or time of day.  From natural light to $5,000 lighting set-ups, we cover it all!

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Great headshots start with great lighting

Great lighting doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. We are going to teach you how to create beautiful square lighting setups with just a reflector and natural light, with an on-camera hot shoe flash, with off-camera studio strobes, and with high-end constant lights.

learn how to direct and pose for the best expression

Once you have selected the right lighting tools for your budget and look, we dive into the meat of headshot photography which is all about directing. It is your job to make your client’s look good and we’ll give you the guidance and tools necessary to do exactly that.

Peter Hurley, arguably the King of Headshots, coined the term ‘squinch’, which involves a subtle narrowing of the eyes. You can see the image on the right showcases this technique and how big of a difference it makes in how confident the subject looks. We also discuss what to look for when directing the squinch to perfect the look.

Directing into the expression goes beyond “Say Cheese”, “Act Natural”, or the ever so simple “Smile!“. This isn’t something that can be taught but more so something you can practice and perfect as you get more comfortable shooting your client and gauging what it is that will get them into the right expression.

find your client’s best side for the best portrait

It’s as simple as using your finger to test which side is more symmetrical. Most client’s don’t know the difference and it is up to you to educate and find their most flattering side to photograph from.

We give you an in-depth demonstration of how important symmetry is and help your understand what gear should be used to yield the most flattering results. Choosing the right focal length will help a great deal in emphasizing the right or wrong features of your client. You can see here that even on a 24-70mm zoom lens, the portrait looks much more flattering at 70mm without the lens distortion.

Finished images in one-click with included presets

We designed two perfect Lightroom Presets to help you finish off your images in just one click – one for Soft Color and one for a classical Black and White.

See more of our sample images below using a favorite square lighting setup that we teach in the workshop!

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Purchase Page: Headshot Photography 101
Launch Ends:  July 26th, 2017