We are excited to announce the arrival of our limited-edition physical sets of the HDR Photography | a comprehensive guide to mastering professional HDR photography. This announcement also comes with a price drop! Read below for more info.

Video Announcement of the HDR Photography Tutorial DVD

Since its digital release, this HDR DVD has been heralded as the new standard in HDR learning by industry leaders. The DVD takes you on a 13-hour journey through the beautiful Southwest United States. Along the way, it teaches you the shooting techniques and post processing techniques available for achieving amazing and natural results.

In the series, you learn single-shot HDRs, bracketed HDRs, in-camera HDRs, night-time HDRs and more. Learn what gear to use, what settings are ideal, scene considerations, and everything there is to know to take your HDRs to the next level. Click here for more purchase info.

Images of the HDR DVD Physical Set


* [Buy on Amazon Prime Here]


* [Buy on Amazon Prime Here]

Price Drop!!!

$59 – Digital Download Only – We decided to drop the price of the digital download so that the DVD could be more accessible to all photographers.

Physical DVD Only – Includes a Physical DVD and 3 Hours of Bonus Content. Shipped Via Amazon Prime. [Buy on Amazon Prime Here]

$84 – Physical DVD and Digital Download – The difference includes a physical DVD, shipping ANYWHERE, AND 3 hours of bonus content!

Just Bought the HDR DVD? Info for Our Loyal Previous Purchasers

If you’ve already purchased the DVD, we haven’t forgotten about you! We would like to reward your loyalty with a gift coupon equal to the difference between the price you paid and the current pricing. So that means, if you purchased the DVD at the full $129 price and you’d like the physical copy as well, you would receive the physical copy as well as a gift coupon in the amount of $50. On the other hand, if you only wanted the digital copy, you’d receive a gift coupon in the amount of $70.

As a side note, within a couple of months, we are releasing “The Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop,” an 8 Hour in-depth guide to posing for couples’ portraits, lighting for couples’ portraits, and much much more. Also on the horizon is a Newborn Photography DVD, ACR Presets, and much more!

* Buy the Digital Download Here
* [Buy on Amazon Prime Here]

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