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Haunting Landscape Photographs of Middle Europe by Kilian Schoenberger

By Hanssie on December 28th 2013

In the woodlands in Middle Europe lies secret places and mysterious settings. Dotted with old trees, abandoned homes and dense fog, the landscape is the perfect setting for tales of evil witches stirring their potions and magical elfin creatures hiding amongst the gnarled forests.

kilianschoenberger8German Photographer, Kilian Schoenberger, took to the rural woods behind his home to create this stunning series of European landscapes inspired by his homeland and the tales from the Brother’s Grimm. Aptly named, Brother’s Grimm Homeland, this series shows hauntingly beautiful and serene scenes doused with fog to create a perfect backdrop to the dark fairy tales of the early 1800’s.

Kilian is actually colorblind, which makes his work that much more inspiring. He has a friend check his work before it goes to print, but he uses his lack of ability to see colors as advantageous when it comes to his work. He explains to My Modern Met, “I don’t have to separate singular colors visually and can totally concentrate on the structure for a convincing image composition.” He mainly uses the Canon 5D Mark II, the Canon 24mm TSE and Canon 17mm TSE lenses to capture these amazing images.

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KilianSchoenberger1 KilianSchoenberger7

Schoenberger’s hope is that his images will produce a “resting place for the eyes.”

I think there is a deep longing for tranquil naturalness among people in our technology-driven environment. Therefore I don’t want to show just portrayals of natural scenes – I want to create visually accessible places where the visitor can virtually put his mind at rest.

KilianSchoenberger5KilianSchoenberger2 KilianSchoenberger3 KilianSchoenberger6 KilianSchoenberger9 KilianSchoenberger10 kilianschoenberger12 kilianschoenberger111

You can see more of Kilian’s work on his website  and on Facebook.

CREDITS: All photographs by Kilian Schoenberger are copyrighted and have been used with permission for SLR Lounge. Do not copy, modify or re-post this article or images without express permission from SLR Lounge and the artist.

[via @My Modern Met]

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  1. Jacob Jexmark

    These are some really nice pictures!

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  2. Black Z Eddie

    Awesome stuff. And, how cool is that…having that in your “back yard” literally.

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  3. Kishore Sawh

    These are beautiful. You know I’m in Europe so often and I just haven’t taken advantage of the surroundings and dedicated time to shoot the scenery. Images like these make me want to hop over there and do more scenic shots.

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