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Hasselblad In Trouble? Latest Rumors Say Owner May Pull The Plug

By Anthony Thurston on May 11th 2014

The rumor coming out of the Hasselblad camp right now is that the company is in financial trouble and that Ventizz Capital, the company that owns Hasselblad, may be on the verge of pulling the plug on the high end camera maker.

This news, while troubling, shouldn’t be all too surprising given Hasselblad’s run of form lately. This is the same company that came out with expensive Sony knockoffs like the ridiculously silly looking Stellar. In an economy such as this, Hasselblad continued to place all of their chips in the super expensive “luxury” market and it has not done well for them.

[REWIND: Hasselblad announces new CMOS medium format body]

I am not all that surprised by this. I applaud Hasselblad for branching out from the medium format world, but to do so in such an underwhelming way really hurt their credibility with most serious photographers. It’s sad to see such a storied brand struggling, but when you put all your chips in one basket, you are bound to get bit. According to the rumor, this will likely mean that Hasselblad will go up for sale again in the near future. It is also possible that the company gets scrapped all together (though I am sure selling is the more likely outcome).

Do you find it surprising that Hasselblad is in financial trouble and may be scrapped/sold off? Share your thoughts below to join the discussion.

[via Photo Rumors]

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  1. Orfeu

    Talk to Fuji…

    | |
  2. Andres

    As nobady is buying their stuff, they coul do like Lomo(lomography) and make plastic MF cameras for advanced hipsters

    | |
  3. Ironymous

    They should come out with cheaper bread and butter products like what Leica has been doing and getting panned for all along. Yet it has enabled Leica to sustain itself and keep churning out M cameras and lenses.

    In Hasselblad’s case, going the Sigma DP route by coming out with a trio of medium format fixed lens folders would be one way of stretching their market without harming the brand. They should do it quick before Sony gets in on the act. Another would be to invent; digital backs that slot into old film cameras is one niche waiting to be tapped.

    | |
  4. Mike

    Is it worth the hassel, Blad?

    | |
  5. Albert

    They have to innovate, go for medium format mirrorless!

    | |
  6. Aaron Protomartir

    I think Broncolor could help them in management. Think about it.

    | |
  7. Peter Duke

    Somebody will bail them out… Panavision has been “going out of business” for 15 years…

    | |
  8. Will

    They’ve seemed out of touch with reality the last few years. Their newest CEO described the Hasselblad HV as a “consumer” camera. It was a re-branded Sony A99 ($2,300) packaged with a Zeiss 24-70mm lens ($1,900) at the low, low price of $11,500. Who in their right mind would call an $11,500 camera a “consumer” model? For that price, someone could have purchased three A99’s, the Zeiss lens, and a Sony 70-200mm and still have money left over!!

    | |
  9. David

    Sell it to Chase Jarvis. He seems to know what he’s doing in advancing his business.

    | |