Hasselblad announced today that the company has developed the world’s first medium-format CMOS sensor camera. The new 50mp sensor will first be utilized in a camera body that the company is calling the H5D-50c.


Ove Bengtson, Hasselblad Product Manager said: “This pioneering 50 megapixel CMOS sensor camera is based on our H5D-50 model, but will offer a faster capture rate, longer shutter speed capability, and much greater ISO performance. It will provide greatly improved Live Video in Phocus and will also be available with Multi-Shot functionality.”

Not much else can be said about the new H5D-50c, no pricing or availability has been announced. Though, if the price of the current H5D-50 is any indication, we are looking at another $25,000-$35,000 camera. Not exactly cheap or accessible to most of us.

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Hasselblad says that they will release more information about the camera, including price and availability in March of this year. (Yes, yet another announcement of an announcement). If you are interested in more information (as I said, there is not much), you can check out the full press release over on Hasselblad’s website.


What are your thoughts on this new announcement from Hasselblad? Do you – as a DSLR or Mirrorless shooter – even care what happens in the uber-expensive MF market? Share your thoughts in the comments below to join the discussion.

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