The latest news coming out of the rumor mill is that Sony and Hasselblad are going to be taking their partnership beyond “luxury” Sony products and into camera hardware, specifically a new sensor.


According to the report Sony and Hasselblad have collaborated on a revolutionary new sensor that promises to offer greatly increased dynamic range. The sensor reportedly does this by equipping each pixel with its own electronic shutter, which allows different areas of the sensor to be exposed differently – allowing for greatly increased dynamic range.

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It is unclear if the sensor is being developed for Hasselblad’s medium format bodies first or for Sony’s Full Frame offerings, but the two companies are expected to announce and show off the new senor in early 2014.

How big of a deal is this rumored new sensor in your mind?

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I am really interested in this. Dynamic range is a big deal for me as I hate blown out highlights and I avoid them at all costs. A sensor like this would in theory allow you to take HDR-like shots with a single exposure. Essentially it could be called the HDR sensor in my opinion. I am very interested to see what comes of this… if anything.

What are your thoughts on this technology (if it is real)? Sony already made big waves this year with the new a7 and a7r, could this be the next big announcement from sony? Let us know in a comment below!

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]