Over the last year, Hasselblad has been releasing firmware updates for the X1D that continue to elevate the camera among its competitors. In the last 8 months alone the mammoth-sized mirrorless has added features such as Touch-pad selection AF point, an electronic shutter option, and Selectable Crop Modes. Now Hasselblad has released the 1.21 Firmware with the biggest feature set to date.

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Hasselblad has a dedication to continuously develop and enhance its world-renowned systems. With each new firmware update, there is clear indication that photography is still at the forefront of their brand. The new 1.21 firmware update for the X1D and H6D adds ease of use along with creative capturing options.

New tools including a white balance selector, allowing the photographer to set the color temperature directly on a photograph when shooting, an interval timer, and exposure bracketing are added to the fold of the capabilities of the camera.

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X1D and H6D: v1.21.0

  • White balance tool
  • Audio notifications
  • Tethered image import
  • Reset all settings: Option to disable reset of profiles
  • Power Off symbol while shutting down
  • Improved feedback to user when missing card in backup mode
  • Browse Zoom: Long-hold to zoom in to 100% or out to full image (X1D: Hold the AF-D/AE-L button; H6D: Hold the True Focus button)

X1D: v1.21.0

  • Interval timer
  • Exposure bracketing
  • New setting: Shutter speed limit for Auto ISO, P- and Full Auto Mode
  • Custom Button for Crop Modes – Replace “Crop Mode Cycle” with “Crop Mode Next” and “Crop Mode Previous”
  • Zoom into coordinates of the focus point for the image just taken
  • Browse images and pan when zoomed-in in EVF with swipe on touch-pad area on display
  • Start live view automatically in EVF after browsing on rear LCD
  • Auto focus support for all HC/HCD Lenses (except HC120 Macro) when using the XH Lens Adapter

H6D: v1.21.0

  • Profiles
  • HDMI – Pan in zoomed-in with touch-pad area on display

You can find the update here, and keep an eye out for the review. You can find the update and more details here.

XCD 21mm f/4

Also announced congruently with the new firmware update, Hasselblad has launched its widest XCD lens, the XCD 21mm f/4. Geared toward landscapes and architecture, the lens has a close focus distance of 32 cm (12.6 in) and is comprised of 13 elements in nine groups, including two aspherical elements. Like other XCD lenses, the XCD 21mm f/4 lens has an integrated leaf with full flash synchronization up to 1/2000th second.

The automatic Lens Correction Tool in Phocus will generate images from the XCD 21mm f/4 that are completely free from any distortion, rendering all lines perfectly straight!” says Ove Bengtsson – Product Manager.

The XCD 21mm lens will begin shipping mid-May 2018 and is available for pre-order from B&H for $3750, here.