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Not So Happily Ever After for These Disney Princesses

By Tuan Tran on November 20th 2013

Not So Happily Ever After

Warning, the following series of photos may traumatize the memories of your cherished fairy tale princesses. Conceptual photographer Dina Goldstein created a series called “Fallen Princesses” to challenge the idea of happily-ever-after with real world problems.

“The series created metaphor out of the myths of fairy tales, forcing the viewer to contemplate real life: failed dreams, pollution and ocean degradation, war, obesity, the extinction of indigenous cultures, cancer and the fallacy of chasing eternal youth.”-Dina Goldstein

Seeing these fairy tale characters in their darkest times is disheartening, but Dina Goldstein has done a great job portraying realistic everyday versions of these iconic characters. Although these 10 images show tragedy in the lives of these once joyous princesses, there is subtle humor to be found that keeps it all somewhat light. Can you tell which princess is which?

Fallen Disney Princesses

2013-11-07-ariel 2013-11-07-Belle 2013-11-07-Cinderella 2013-11-07-jasmine 2013-11-07-pocahontas 2013-11-07-princessandpea 2013-11-07-Rapunzel 2013-11-07-RedRiddingHood 2013-11-07-sleepingbeauty 2013-11-07-snowwhite

Life is not always fair, especially to these girls, but what do you think of the way these images push various emotions and reality onto the viewer? Do you still believe in happily ever after?

[Source: Huffingtonpost]

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Tuan is a photographer with Lin and JIrsa Photography, a writer for SLR Lounge, and a freelance wedding and commercial photographer in Southern Cali.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Melanie Hoyle

    I don’t get why Princess Belle is having a face lift?

    | |
  2. Berneck

    I think some of these comments show how hyper-sensitive people are these days. One picture in a brilliant series “discredits” the entire series because of a someone’s personal pain is a bit over the top, but I do understand. But, it’s no different than a person’s 25 year career being destroyed because they make one off color statement. If get it from both sides, but everybody needs to calm down an be a little more understanding. If you read the photographer’s intent, humor is not the focus. Although, Snow White is hysterical!

    | |
  3. Luka

    To me those images appear nostalgic and depict carefree childhood gone forever…

    | |
  4. Split-Decision

    Geez everyone, take it easy. I think if your child gets cancer, you have license to be however mad you care to be for as long as you need to be. Im surprised by the level of insensitivity in these replys. Just be cool honey-bunny, just be cool.

    | |
  5. J.

    CHARMAINE FORBES, you are an idiot! My girlfriend died of cancer, and believe me, it was really hard to deal with! It certainly sucked to see her deteriorate. It hurt so much to see her because each time I did, she looked more and more sickly! However, I do not take offense to the picture! Of course the subject matter in some of these pictures are not funny, but I don’t think they are meant to be! It’s called Irony!

    As children, we hear these stories, (or go see the disney movies.) and we dream about how wonderful it would be to be like these iconic characters and live happily ever after. However, what these pictures show is that if these characters were real, more than likely, this is what would happen to them.

    I happen to like the juxtaposition of the fantasy to the reality.

    I’m not asking you to like it, or even appreciate it, but you need to think before you post such an uninformed and ignorant comment!

    | |
  6. Stewart

    There is no humor in the photo’s, just real life conditions what even a Princess can go through.

    | |
  7. Joy

    You can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t even try. I think these are amazing concept pieces. Life is not always sunshine and roses, and you have to be willing to take a look at the dark and unhappy side in order to begin to understand it at all. Not watching the news won’t make what’s happening not be so. It is hard sometimes to look at the tough stuff.

    | |
  8. Learn to read


    | |
  9. Learn to read

    Well I don’t have a problem with these images I get what point was trying to be made but in the first commenters defense the person that wrote this arrival clearly states “there is subtle humor to be found that keeps it all somewhat light” so yes “what are you even talking about” it does say humor. So before you go off telling other people what you think you know about the subject maybe you should take a minute to learn how to read the arrival yourself.

    | |
  10. Charmaine Forbes

    Maybe if the cold hearted POS that created these lived with cancer for one day she would use common sense next time instead of taking ones pain and turning it in to what she thinks is humor! Disgusting! My daughter battled a rare form of leukemia and under went 3 1/2 years of intense chemo. No humor about it. I watched her live a living nightmare and I cried everyday for her. Anyone that find these humorous and supports these disgraceful creations is just as sick. Sorry. SLR Lounge…but you just lost my support.

    | |
    • What are you even talking about

      This series had nothing to do with humor. I don’t know where you’re getting that idea. You should probably read the description before you go assuming bs like “the artist taking pain and turning it into humor”. This wasn’t even meant to be humorous. Learn to read, kthx.

      | |
    • Daniel Boaventura

      Charmaine, cancer certainly is not something to joke about, but that’s not what these pictures are about. These are ‘Life also happens to princesses’. They may get fat, lonely, drunk …and may have cancer. Instead of being bitter about it, think what your daughter would think if she knew that Rapunzel could also be living the same problems she was facing. Maybe it would easier for her (and for you) to cope with the pain you all been through. Just my 2 cents.

      | |
    • Anthony R

      When it comes to cancer, humour is meant to be used as a form of catharsis. Essentially, if you can laugh in the face of something so awful it can take away the fear it has over you. I’d suggest watching the movie 50/50, it’s one of the most touching and humorous examples I’ve seen on the subject of cancer. I hope your daughter beat her leukemia and I hope your lives are now moving some way back towards normality.

      | |
    • Diane

      I didn’t see that photo as one that was supposed to be humorous. I saw it as merely evoking sadness and empathy for anyone with cancer and what they go through. I’ve known people close to me that have dealt with the disease as well. I think the photo shows a young woman who had high hopes for her life which is what we all feel, but then was struck with this horrible disease. The loss of hair brings such sadness to any woman because it is her crowning glory and that is what the artist seems to be saying. xox Sorry you took it in a negative way, perhaps art is not your thing.

      | |
    • Amy

      How do get “funny” out of these? I think you are just mad at the world and are viewing things not the way they are.

      | |
    • Split-Decision

      Geez everyone, take it easy. I think if your child gets cancer, you have license to be however mad you care to be for as long as you need to be. Im surprised by the level of insensitivity in these replys. Just be cool honey-bunny, just be cool.

      | |