Samsung made quite the splash last year with the introduction of their NX1 and the technology that they had packed inside of it. This year, they followed that up with the announcement of their smaller, more compact mirrorless option, the NX500.


Meant to go up against the likes of Sony’s A6000 and other small compact mirrorless offerings, the NX500 features much of the same hardware found in the NX1, including that first of its kind 28MP BSI sensor. It is a high-end, powerful camera in a small, manageable package. But how does it stack up against the competition and how does all of that hardware translate into real world usability?

The guys over at The Camera Store TV just released their hands on review with the NX500, and the episode was even filmed with its older brother, the NX1. Take a look below to see how the NX500 stacks up.

If you liked what you saw from the NX500, you can get your hands on one now over on B&H for just $699. I really enjoyed my time with the NX1 earlier this year, and if the NX500 matches the image quality – as it seems to do – it will give you some stunning images.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s camera lineup? Do you think they have some good potential or would it be pointless to invest in such a limited system? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via CSTV]