Fujifilm recently announced a new camera in the Instax lineup, the Instax Mini LiPlay. This camera is the first in the Instax Mini line-up to blend digital capture with instant prints. Providing you the ability to capture, then print the images you want to print. This functionality was first available with the Instax Square SQ10 & SQ20.

On the new Mini LiPlay, you can also print directly from your mobile phone, via their new app mini LiPlay for iOS or Android. This will be an exciting combination of features for those who have wanted to capture or print in one device, since the launch of the first Instax SP-1 Printer.

Fuji Instax mini liplay

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The joy of instant film goes back to my childhood, there’s that nostalgic vibe which resonates every time I use an instant camera, or printer. Sharing those prints with friends, family, clients, or individuals I meet in my travels has been such a gift. Seeing smiles and curious expressions as the image appears, never gets old!

When we think instant cameras, we don’t always expect the lenses to be the sharpest out there. However with this new Instax Mini the image quality is pretty lovely, for a tiny lens. If you’ve been using any of the older Instax Mini’s with the plastic lenses, you should see an improvement in the quality of detail and focus.

Favorite Features

Some of my favorite features so far include exposure compensation, the selfie mirror (yep, I said selfie mirror!) and the ability to print images captured or stored on my phone.

Exposure Compensation 

Before you shoot, pop into the Menu and scroll down to Exposure. This allows you to change the exposure -2 / +2 stops, in thirds. This is a change that stays when the camera is turned off and back on, so keep that in mind if the exposure doesn’t look quite right.

Selfie Mirror 

Get that composition right, each time with the selfie mirror! This feature has been on many an Instax camera, and is always quite useful.


Printing to this little camera is so easy! And the prints have been great!

  • Connect to the camera, via Bluetooth.
  • Open up the mini LiPlay app.
  • Select Direct Print.
  • Select an image in your image library.
  • Print.
  • Done!

Additional Features include:

  • Micro SD card slot (internal memory holds 45 images)
  • Wide Angle Lens (28mm)
  • Close Up Focus (Focus Distance 10cm)
  • Built in Filters & Frames
  • Shortcut Button (Cross Key Guide)
  • Self-Timer
  • Flash Control
  • Firmware Updatable!

What I hope to see in firmware updates:

  • Double Exposure Mode & Bulb mode (both available in the SQ10/SQ20 models)
  • Additional filter options

If the square format is more your jam, check out the SQ20. The Instax Square SQ20 offers many of the same features as the Mini LiPlay, but in the larger, square film format.

Pricing & Availability

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Overall I’ve had a ton of fun playing with this tiny, instant camera. Being able to capture images, add a fun frame, and share the best of those images, on the go is so incredible. Kids and adults alike, still love to watch the image develop, and of course shake it…