The new Leica T system was announced just last week, and it received a lot of attention for several reasons. First, it is a completely new system from Leica, this means new lenses and a completely new mount. Second, as far as Leica cameras go, this actually has a fairly inexpensive price tag. Lastly, the solid aluminum uni-body is a unique design feature that is sure to draw some comparisons to 2008 when Apple introduced the first unibody Macbooks.


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In typical fashion the guys over at The Camera Store TV got their hands on the new Leica T, and have just released their field test and review of the new camera. As usual, it’s very through, and have plenty of image samples and analysis from Chris Nichols. Check it out below…

I think it is safe to say that I will not ever be purchasing one of these, but for those of you Leica junkies out there it seems that, while flawed, this new Leica T is still a great buy. If you are interested in pre-ordering one you can do so now over on B&H.

What are your thoughts on the new Leica T? Did this hands on review sway your initial thoughts on the camera either positively or negatively? Leave a comment below and lets discuss.