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Guy Recreates Celine Dion Music Video While Stuck in Vegas Airport (Dion Responds)

By Leujay Cruz on June 13th 2014

Now this is making the best out of a bad situation. While stuck overnight at the McCarron International Airport in Las Vegas, Richard Dunn flexed his creative muscles. Instead of wasting time on his iPad or entertaining himself by people watching the extremely entertaining Vegas red eye departures, he created a music video with a song from one of his favorite “guilty pleasures,” Celine Dion. And what better song when you’re stranded somewhere alone, than the classic single, “All By Myself.”

recreates-celine-dion-music-video-vegas-airport-1 After accepting travel vouchers for being bumped from his flight, he requested one more item, a roll of luggage tape. Armed with only his iPhone, a roll of tape, and the normal items that one would find at an airport (like a wheelchair), he surprises with some great production value. Being resourceful, he mounted his iPhone on a wheelchair to mimic the ability of a dolly and a slider. He then placed the wheelchair on moving escalators to create a panning effect in the video. The entire video was post produced using Final Cut Pro.


As he lip-synced his way to viral video glory, he showed some impressive production skills as he featured empty terminals and utilized advertisements and various signs at the airport to portray his loneliness. He did a great job of featuring certain visuals at just the right moment during certain lyrics of the song. As the lyric begins, “When I was young, I never needed anyone – and making love was just for fun. Those days are gone…” he starts with a normal airport scene filled with commuters and fades into the same setting later in the evening when the travelers are no longer present in the same frame.

After receiving over a million hits on Vimeo, it’s received some astounding viral attention. Even Celine Dion released a video responding to Richard.

Next time you’re stuck all by yourself at the Las Vegas airport for hours and hours, please be my guest at my show…and by the way, Richard, you’re more than welcome to use my bathroom.


My wife and I lived in the Vegas area for two years. I was constantly flying in and out of McCarron to shoot fashion gigs in LA and weddings in the Bay Area. Luckily, I never had to spend the night at the airport due to a bumped flight because we lived 15 minutes away. But, I have to commend Richard for his clean shots of empty hallways and deserted terminals and most of all, his creativity.

As you can imagine, Vegas has flights coming and going at all times of the day so the airport is never really empty. Richard had to put in some leg work to locate these empty areas before shooting the scenes. Also, with McCarron being much different from most airports, in that it provides forms of entertainment not usually seen at airports, I have to applaud Richard for avoiding the slot machines, the 24 hour dining areas with wifi and not taking a 10 minute cab ride back to the strip.

Check out the epic video below:

via Huffington Post / NY Daily / Rolling Stone


Leujay is a full time wedding photographer with Lin & Jirsa Photography and a freelance runway fashion photographer. He currently lives in Palm Desert with his wife and two dogs. When he’s not enjoying quality family time he fancies himself as a work-in-progress world traveler.

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  1. Graham Curran


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  2. mugur ic

    funny moment

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  3. Brandon Dewey


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  4. Keegan Carroll

    Classic! I would have done the same.

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  5. Kurk Rouse

    Wished I had this idea when i was stuck in miami airport

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  6. Christine Einarsson

    Love love LOVE this video

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  7. Tom Bogan

    Now that is one way to kill a night. Did not have to go back through security and made some of us appreciate his situation. I know it is never fun to be bumped from a flight, and really hard to have to stay over when the airport is empty.

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  8. Tyler Friesen

    well that was something else.

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  9. Matt Walsh

    Awesome effort, but seriously if you had that much time why didn’t you head back to the casinos. That city never sleeps.

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