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Fitness Guru Greg Plitt Killed While Filming on Tracks

By Tanya Goodall Smith on January 19th 2015


Fitness Guru and model/actor Greg Plitt was struck and killed by a commuter train Saturday while filming a commercial for a protein shake on tracks in Burbank, California.

Sgt. Chris Canales of the Burbank Police Department told USA TODAY that Plitt died at approximately 4:05 p.m. He was apparently shooting video with a group of friends on the southbound track of the Burbank Metrolink station when he was hit by an oncoming train.


Image via screencap

According to an article in the Mirror, a Metrolink passenger, Victor Crowell, told news station KABC: “He had on all black. The train went by. I saw him stumble over the tracks. He had a camcorder in his hand.”

Plitt was known for appearing on Bravo’s reality series, Work Out, and will soon appear on Bravo’s new series, Friends to Lovers. He graced the covers of many fitness magazines and romance novels and was a mentor and inspiration to many in the fitness world.

The accident is still under investigation and no further details are available. We here at SLR Lounge are always sad to hear of accidents of this nature. The best bet for safety is to just steer clear of tracks and if you absolutely must film or photograph near them, obtain the proper permits and permission. For more information, please read our train track safety articles here:


Via CNN and USA Today
Photos via Mirror

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Al cu

    I don’t want to pile-on but unless the protein shake was called LOCO-motion tagline: Faster than a speeding train! I’m kinda dumbfounded how this kind of stuff happens

    | |
  2. Diane Colquhoun

    That’s really sad, and not to down play this tragedy but how do you not hear a train coming?

    | |
  3. R Hugh Sirius

    A sad outcome: If this poor fitness fellow had exercised the “muscle between his ears” the L. A. County coroner wouldn’t be saying, “He’s the fittest corpse, I’ve ever seen.”

    | |
  4. David Hall

    What a terrible story to hear. So very sad.

    | |

    C’mon, your telling me NOOO one saw that rain early enough to warn him. That’s insane

    | |

    Its sad to hear this yet many many time we have had this sort of accidents and people still go to the tracks trains are pretty stealth this days and I don’t know why they create the illusion of speed to seam like the are traveling slow when you see them …….stay of the tracks guys stay safe

    | |
  7. Jason Boa

    What the …………..???

    | |
  8. David Tressler

    I worked on the rail for a little while and trains are not loud rumbling ground shacking beasts untill they are right on you.
    It was actually surprising just how stealth they are.

    | |
  9. Jason Boa

    Not being silly but do we really need 4 reasons not to do portraits on Railway track !!!

    | |
  10. Kyle Farris

    Despite the risk of sounding like a complete douche… how do you get hit by a train on accident? They don’t just sneak up out of nowhere–they’re loud, sorta slow (relatively), and shake the ground. It’s not like this guy was physically handicapped and couldn’t get off the 5 ft of track fast enough.

    It’s a sad story, but, I can’t help but think how ridiculous it is that someone in his shape couldn’t get off a train track in time…

    | |
    • Ed Rhodes

      passenger trains travel at a much faster speed than freight trains.

      | |
    • John Sheehan

      The one news report I heard was he had his back to the train and thought it was on another track so he was slow to respond to the BLARING HORN being sounded to get him off the track. Still, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. When I was a teen and helping my friend make Super8 films, we built a track in a field because even at 14 years of age in the 1980s we knew to stay off the tracks.

      | |
    • Kyle Farris

      Exactly, @John. If you’re on a track and hear a train blaring its horn (even if you think its somewhere else), get the hell off the track–just not worth the risk. I don’t care how beast-mode you are… you’re not going to win a battle with a train.

      | |
    • Ashton Pal

      Trains are moving faster and closer than they appear. A lot of people don’t realise that especially on active railways that have more than one line in use at any given point. I sometimes take pictures along some of the train tracks in the city that I live in. Last year a friend and I were on the tracks taking pictures and I told him the exact thing; trains are loud and we will see and hear them. Right as we crossed over on set of tracks, a commuter train passed by us in less than five seconds. We didn’t even hear it or see it. After that day, I no longer doubt how easy it is to get hit by trains especially if the locomotive is on the back.

      But yeah, a tragedy that could have been avoided. Another reminder that no picture, gig or amount of money is worth risking your life over.

      | |
    • Ian Sanderson

      Either way, I think it shows a lot of stupidity for want of a better word, to do a shoot on an active railway line

      | |
    • Brett D

      Read the comments to SLR Lounge’s previous article about trains…apparently it’s quite easy.

      | |
  11. John Sheehan

    Such a sad story, and so preventable. I thought that people would learn a lesson from the Midnight Rider movie set accident, but I guess people will keep putting themselves in a position of danger to get what they think is a cool shot.

    | |
    • Brandon Dewey

      I agree it is a sad story. When will people learn your life is not worth a the price of getting the shoot. It is our job at the photographer to tell the client no because it is not safe and illegal.

      | |