F.J. Westcott has some great promotions going on right now on some of their light modifiers and Apollo Softbox accessories. Probably the biggest “Woah!” item is the 50” “Mega” JS Apollo for only $169, that Apollo usually retails for $299. Other sale prices are as follows:

  • 40″ Degree Grid for the 28″ Apollo -$49.90
  • 43″ White Umbrella 2 Pack – $19.90
  • 40″ Degree Grid for the 16″ x 30″ Apollo Strip -$49.90
  • 40″ Degree Grid for the Apollo Orb – $69.90
  • 7′ Parabolic Umbrella 3 Pack – $359.70


I get paid this upcoming Friday and am hoping to grab a few of these killer deals if they last until then. I am especially interested in the 50” Apollo, there just isn’t anything like it on the market for speedlights(Multiple Speedlights recommended for the 50″). Plus at roughly $130 off the normal price you really can’t pass that up.

All of these sale prices are while supplies last you should head over to the F.J Westcott website and get in on the savings while you still can. (But don’t run too fast, save a 50” Apollo for me on Friday)