An Update To The Graduated Filters

In the previous video, I showed you guys how to create HDR images in Lightroom CC, and how to use the Panorama Tool. In this video, I want to show you guys an updated version of the graduated filters. The new Lightroom CC offers a new level of flexibility when using graduated filters, allowing you to achieve and modify your images just the way you like it.

Graduated Filters Update In Lightroom CC Allows For More Flexibility

Using Graduated Filters

Click on the rectangular box found on the right side of the screen to access the graduated filter. If you aren’t familiar with the graduated filter, I highly recommend you check out our Lightroom Workshop, where we teach you all the fundamental tools of Lightroom and more.

When I apply the filter, you can see that everything past the bottom line has 0% of the effect, and the top line carries 100% of the effect of the graduated filter.

Brush It Away

If you look on the right panel, you’ll see a brush button which allows you to feather away (or add) the effects of the graduated filter. This is a new tool in Lightroom that allows you to have much more flexibility in editing your images using the graduated filter! I crank up the “flow,” which dictates the amount I want it to affect when brushing away these effects.

You can also do this with the radial filter, too. In the image above, I brush and feather away the effects on the rocks and adjust it accordingly to how I like it.


I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial on the newly updated graduated filter in Lightroom CC. Again, I highly recommend you to check out our Lightroom Workshop if you’re not familiar with these tools. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more updates, and stay tuned for the next video!