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Gorgeous Slow Motion Footage Of F-15s In Japan | Samurai Drivers

By Kishore Sawh on May 28th 2017

If you’ve been around military aviation you’ll be familiar with the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, and even if you haven’t you’ll likely have seen them somewhere given they’re often regarded as the most successful fighter jet in history, and maybe too since they are frequently mistaken for the F-14 Tomcat – everyone’s favorite Top Gun character. But you’ve likely never seen F-15s like this; not in these liveries, and not in gorgeous slow motion.

Shot on a Panasonic GH4 using a Metabones T Smart Adapter EF to MFT for use with some nice Canon glass, vimeo user 1-300 has captured some of the romance of aviation in his short films, and this one in particular. His subjects are F-15Js of the Hiko Kyodotai, the Japanese Air Self Defense Force’s Aggressor adversary squadron that provides air combat training for the rest of the units.

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Japan is the largest buyer of F-15s outside of the United States and these are about their most famous. Now based out of Komatsu Air Base, the F-15J, DJ, and Kai variants of the Hiko Kyodotai are perhaps the most colorful and vibrant F-15s in the world, and rarely filmed quite like this. The fighter aircraft environment is a visceral, savage, physically demanding one characterized by precision, aggression, and speed, but the GH4’s slow motion footage of them is nothing if not soothing. The jets are beautiful and their movements graceful at these frame rates and you really get an appreciation of all of that.

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the US and this seems a fitting visual. The footage may be filmed in Kyakori, and the Jets with Japanese livery, but they’re sparrow-shooting F-15s and that heavy metal is as American as it gets.

The F-16 may have had Iron Eagle, the F-14 Top Gun, and seems the F-15 has 1-300, more of whose work can be found here.

It makes me wish the GH4 had been around before the Tomcats were retired.


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