When you step back and look at where drones were two years ago, then just a month or so ago, and then you look at what we have now with the DJI Mavic and GoPro Karma, you can’t help but arrive at the conclusion that the drone market is evolving at an astonishing rate, making the evolutionary rate of regular cameras seem almost geological by comparison.

The future of drones seems bright, and amongst a market that’s becoming more flooded with options, perhaps none are as representative of our society of ability, portability, and convenience than the Mavic and the Karma.  Each of them is an appetizing cocktail of performance, small form factor, and price, but really which of the two is the right drone for you? One of them surely is, and perhaps seeing this side-by-side infographic put together by MediaKix is just the ticket you need to figure out which one to put on your Christmas list.

[REWIND: Don’t Be Fooled By Casey Neistat’s Drone Test | The DJI Mavic’s Footage Was Misleading]

Let us know which is your pick after the evaluation. You can get your GoPro Karma here, and the DJI Mavic here.

Note: You can download the image or open in a new window to get a larger view


Once more, we’d love to know which is your pick after the evaluation. You can get your GoPro Karma here, and the DJI Mavic here

Thanks for MediaKix for this, and you can check out more from them on their site.