GoPro seems poised to take an amazing leap ahead for action cams, if these latest rumors are to be believed. According to a report over on EOSHD, some information has leaked about the new GoPro Hero 4, including that it will feature 4K recording at 30fps, and 1080 recording at 120 fps.

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The rumor also says that the new GoPro can be expected in the summer of this year, but that is as specific as it gets with regards to its release date.


As with all rumors, especially ones not from trusted sources in the rumor community, take this with a hefty grain of salt. But, if this turns out to be true, this would put the GoPro lightyears ahead of virtually all action camera competition.

I mean, the current GoPro Hero 3+ is already a cut above the rest, and the impressive features rumored for the Hero 4 takes action cam shooting to a whole new level.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you find these specs as impressive as I do? Leave a comment below.

[via EOS HD]