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GoPro Hero 4 to feature 4K at 30fps according to latest rumor…

By Anthony Thurston on April 20th 2014

GoPro seems poised to take an amazing leap ahead for action cams, if these latest rumors are to be believed. According to a report over on EOSHD, some information has leaked about the new GoPro Hero 4, including that it will feature 4K recording at 30fps, and 1080 recording at 120 fps.

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The rumor also says that the new GoPro can be expected in the summer of this year, but that is as specific as it gets with regards to its release date.


As with all rumors, especially ones not from trusted sources in the rumor community, take this with a hefty grain of salt. But, if this turns out to be true, this would put the GoPro lightyears ahead of virtually all action camera competition.

I mean, the current GoPro Hero 3+ is already a cut above the rest, and the impressive features rumored for the Hero 4 takes action cam shooting to a whole new level.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you find these specs as impressive as I do? Leave a comment below.

[via EOS HD]

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  1. Dhiren Patel

    Gopro hero 4 purchased on urgent but not realise and Price is not available in gopro web site. allrady Gopro hero3 used. but new gopro purchased i.on intrest.please lounch new gopro hero4 your ma email sand me.

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  2. Jonathan

    People who are interested in camera board and image processing know that Gopro works with the company Ambarella (they produce the chip mainly). The Hero3/3+ black embedded the Ambarella A7L chip and it’s almost a year it is know the next Gopro (aka Hero4) will feature the Amarella A9 chip as a base.
    All the specs are here:

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  3. Gram

    Great upgrades for an action cam. Why cant someone make a good lens for one though? I mean technically shouldnt you be able to make these as sharp as a iphone lens. I know MAC logically pawned the job off to Zeiss. Sony did this recently on their action cams and they’re are arguable less crisp than the GOPRO. Its just such a great camera internally, I feel like its downfall (as with most action cam) is the quality of the optics. Does anyone Canon or Nikon being looking into making any action cameras?

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    • Ian Hylands

      Gram, it adds a bit to the price and some extra work but check out the Backbone case for the GoPro cameras.

      It allows you to use a variety of lenses with the GoPro camera.

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  4. rbb

    hurry up and release it, I have the money but I am not buying with rumors floating around of a new model.

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  5. Joel L

    Ughhhh I just bought the. Hero 3+ two months ago.

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    • Christian

      Well, you’re not alone. I just bought one last week. The prices of the 3+ dropped from CHF 449.00 to CHF 399.00 recently…

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    • Istvan

      Not a problem at all. Then you can put a gopro on a wing and one in the cockpit. :)

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    • Mayo

      Never! ever! buy a GoPro six months after the release date. Unless you are going on the adventure of you life and you need it. :)

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