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GoPro Flying With An Airbus A340 & Air Tahiti Nui

By Kishore Sawh on December 29th 2013

GoPro’s are amazing. As the single best-selling camera in the world, its advent has meant every corner of the world, every niche activity, every mundane event is now being recorded in crystal clear GoPro glory. That means there’s a huge boom in amateur skateboarders and the likes being able to showcase what they do in an exciting way, but really that’s exploiting about a quarter of the camera’s capability. Some though, like Air Tahiti Nui, do it better. (See video below).

The best thing about GoPros, what makes me click on almost anything with it’s logo, is that their size and reliability have allowed us to go where most will never go; inside an F1 car around the chicane at Monaco, the edge of space with a man who is clearly tired of living, inside the mouth of an annoyed and peckish great white, and supersonic in the cockpit. Since 9/11, the cockpit of regular commercial aircraft are pretty much off limits. Being the son of a pilot who trained a lot of guys who sit left seat (captain) today, I used to be able to do it. I always thought it a shame that most people couldn’t see that view; 35 thousand feet at 500 knots with the caribbean below and infinity ahead. Air Tahiti Nui is giving you that chance.

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From the ground work, to wheels up, in flight and in cockpit, Air Tahiti Nui’s video gets you a rare glimpse at what you’re missing. It’s significant because it shows the ops from different stations, each as interesting as the next. Even more interesting is that this is not a commercial video. It was made the with airline’s permission, and with the aid of the captain and flight engineer. It’s very cool to hear about it, but watch it in 1080p, and you’ll realize why, unless you’re sitting in the cockpit, no seat is first class!

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A photographer and writer based in Miami, he can often be found at dog parks, and airports in London and Toronto. He is also a tremendous fan of flossing and the happiest guy around when the company’s good.

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  1. Richard

    Well said, Kishore. I agree that some posts register with the reader, and others, not so much. I, for one, am always down for watching a good Gopro video! Thanks for the article, and keep it up.

    | |
  2. Viktor

    Truth is, Hanssie, that you’re are only trying to sell GoPro’s through your reference links, nothing else. I don’t see anything bad about that but please don’t say you’re writing these articles to inspire photographers, because this is bullshit. :)

    | |
    • Kishore Sawh

      Viktor, hi there. That’s an interesting view and I think I’m the one whom you are better off addressing with it. I’m glad you addressed it though in the chance you aren’t the only one holding that opinion. Thing is, as an opinion, it’s sort of uninterrupted by fact, and based in emotion. I wouldn’t like to think there was anything malevolent in your opinion post, likewise, it stands to reason that Hanssie should be afforded more respect than for hers to be called ‘bullsh**’. I see how you could argue our postings are not 100 percent altruistic – then again aside from a mother’s love, what is?

      Inspiration is a funny thing…somewhat hard to define, maybe because it’s less about defining it as…how do we evoke it? People are inspired by different things. Really, inspiration is a catalyst and different reactions require different catalysts. Some posts will hardly register for you but for others will provide a powerful imaginative pull that will make someone feel something in their heart, and make it happen with their head. That really is, and I mean this, the primary purpose of these posts – and to engage with fine people like yourself. (Thanks for reading by the way) The fact you came to read, and wrote, makes the post autotelic. But please do share what inspires you and what you’d like to see here. You can get my email and we’ll talk, because it’s something worth talking about.

      Thanks again Viktor, and be well
      – K

      | |
    • Viktor

      Hi there, Kishore! Happy New Year! :)

      I have never regretted following SLRLounge and I’m fully aware that not all the articles can make it to be the best ever. It’s a commercial site after all and I don’t mind reading ad-articles at all. Maybe you got me wrong in the first place or I wasn’t clear enough because I’m a foreigner with not-so-good English skills :)

      My personal belief is that ads are a good thing. I’ve worked in marketing before and I’ve always had a bit different approach to the audience – say things straight so there are no back thoughts. Is it gonna hurt that much if you say – “Hey guys, we think GoPros are very cool because of reasons and we know you like them as well. Get yours from our reference link to support us if you’d like. We’ll appreciate it very much and you’re getting one anyway because look at what you can do with it… etc.” I, personally, would appreciate the honesty and will support you because of all the hard work you’re doing anyway. Site is cute, you have a great community and lots of followers – no need to push it with hidden ads, in my personal opinion :)

      You might not agree, that’s just what I meant in the first place :)

      | |
    • Dave Reynell

      C’mon Viktor,
      Lighten up !

      | |
  3. James

    Cool I guess. But really just another post that has nothing to do with photography. More and more of these lately.

    | |
    • Hanssie

      Hi James,

      Thanks for your comment. Actually, the GoPro is, in fact, a camera. GoPro is favored by action photographers and takes not only videos (which it is known for) but also still photos as well. The amazing images and videos that photographers and videographers have created with this versatile camera have inspired us here at SLR Lounge. We, in turn, share these images and videos in the hopes of also inspiring our fellow photography and videography community.

      | |
  4. Michael Beimen

    always wanted to sit up in the cockpit of a commercial widebody jet. I fly private Cessna’s and Pipers mainly. Great video and info. I wish more photography sites would do more on flying and aviation in general. We are a huge group and if anyone looks up Oshkosh or Sun N Fun they would see and it feels like finding aviation photographers is hard unless you are kinda connected with them. Thanks

    | |