GoPro has added yet another feather to their already full cap today with the announcement of the new Dual Hero System. The new accessory allows you to connect two GoPro Hero 3+ Black cameras and shoot video and stills simultaneously with the option of converting to 3D in post. dual-hero-gopro According to the marketing materials, the new 3D conversion capabilities is made possible through a free GoPro software package that likely comes with the accessory. You are also able to control both cameras as one, though it is unclear how this works. The materials say that “one camera controls the other’s settings and modes.” The new accessory is also waterproof and comes with an integrated mini USB port as well as a pair of 3D glasses.

The pricing of this Dual Hero system is the only real downer here, coming in at $199. Since two GoPro Hero 3+ Black editions are required to use the system, you are looking at $1000 ($800 for the cameras and $200 for the accessory).

Not sure if 3D or dual camera capture is worth $1000 to me personally, but to some it may be a nice addition to your kit. If you are one of those people, or if you happen to already own two 3+ Black editions, you can get this new accessory now over on B&H here.