I just received an email that could interest many of you photographers out there who use or have been looking into the Google Apps service. According the the email, Google has just announced a new upgrade option for Google Apps subscribers: Unlimited Storage.


In case you are unaware, Google Apps is a service where you can run your business email, calendar, and online storage through your own domain via Google’s system. The biggest part for me is getting a gmail interface for my business email, but storage is also a great tool when  getting files to colleagues or clients. The standard Google Apps cost is $5 per user, but if you upgrade to the unlimited storage option it doubles your cost to $10 per user per month, still a killer deal if you ask me.

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Don’t get too excited though, there is a nice little catch. The unlimited storage actually only applies to Google Apps subscribers who have 5 or more users on their account. So a one-man show will not really be able to benefit from this, but if you have a team of 5 or more than this could be a great option. If you happen to have less than 5 users your storage is topped out at 1TB per user – still not bad at all really.


I currently use Google Apps for my photo business, mostly because it integrates easily with my Android phone (unlike most basic web hosting email accounts). I pay the $5 per month and for me, it is worth every penny. But since it is just me, this new unlimited option really doesn’t apply to me… even though 1 TB is more than I will ever need in online storage.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Apps or this new unlimited plan option you can head over to the Google Apps page here.


What are your thoughts on this new plan from Google? Is the unlimited storage plan a good option for photography studios, or would it be pointless since most already have other client file delivery services? Leave a comment below.