As we mentioned a few weeks back Google recently completely revamped their photo experience on Google+. The funny thing is though they did not announce the coolest feature that they added, at least in my opinion, and that is this new computer vision search.


Basically this new technology allows you to search your own images by saying what you are looking for. So for example if I was looking for pictures that I have taken of birds I could search for birds and Google would pull up all the images that I took of birds. No extra meta data or tagging needed, Google simply “sees” the image and figures out what it is. This really cool new feature is built right into Google+ but you can also use it via Google’s Image Search by using the query terms [my photos abc] (replace abc with whatever thing you are looking for).


I don’t know about you but I think that this is pretty sweet. Sadly I don’t really upload my images to Google so I can’t make use of this feature – but it has me thinking I may start uploading some of my library to Google to make use of this intelligent search feature.

[via tech crunch]