If Google hadn’t made it abundantly clear already that they are trying to make Google+ ‘THE’ social network for people who care about their photos, they sure made it clear today. Announced earlier today along with a slough of other major improvements to Google’s struggling social network were some really impressive photo and video features.

One of these new photo features is called ‘Auto Awesome Erase’ , the feature allows users to quickly and easily remove unwanted people or objects from photos. Say you took a really awesome picture of your child but in the corner of the frame you can see a dirty diaper, which this new tool you can select the object and have the tool remove it. This of course is likely not nearly as accurate (or as nice to look at) as taking the photo into photoshop yourself, but for a quick fix it seems to do a pretty decent job (see below).


Google also greatly improved the search-ability of users images on Google+ adding over 1,000 more search terms to algorithm. This means even more things that you can search for with out even having tagged your images. For example if you were searching for Pumpkin Pie you could pull up all of your images containing pumpkins, pretty cool if you ask me.

Lastly, the other fairly significant update is that Google+ will now support uploading of images in all resolutions. So you can now upload images in full res without having to compromise on quality. Users of the Google+ iOS app previously could not upload images at some resolutions, and this has been resolved (or will be in a soon to be released update that it).

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On the video side Google added a new featured called ‘Auto Awesome Video’ automagically converts a user’s photos and video clips into a short movie with music and everything. Basically Google analyses the images and or videos, then it filters them to choose the best ones in terms of interest and quality.

After the process is complete users are able to jump in and make any changes that they want and then share it! Sounds pretty neat, may be a cool way to build some nice slideshows to showcase your images.

These new features will be added soon, on Android as soon as the next update hits the Play store. The update will follow to other platforms in the near future as well.

What are your thoughts on these new Google+ features? Does this sway to to use the social network at all? Share your thoughts in a comment below.