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Goodbye LA Traffic: Skateboarding on the Empty Streets and Freeways of Los Angeles

July 21st 2014 6:51 PM


Those that live in Southern California, or a densely populated area, such as New York City or Washington DC, know the pain of rush hour traffic and that the streets and freeways are never completely empty. Certainly not empty enough to safely skateboard through them.

But in the following video, Urban Isolation, filmmaker Russell Houghton, creates an apocalyptic Los Angeles devoid of cars and people in an eerily silent city that he and his friends ride around in. The inspiration for Russell’s video – well, the terrible L.A. traffic, of course. “My biggest thing about moving to L.A. was the traffic: the traffic’s terrible. So, I was thinking, ‘How cool would it be if traffic didn’t exist?’

Watch “Urban Isolation”

Russell shot scenes in and around the busy freeways system of L.A. and then edited out the cars in post to create the desolate ghost town feel of the video. In the behind the scenes video, he shows how the filming was completed using a RED camera in a project put together by RED Digital Cinema and The Berrics.

I’m going to watch this video now and pretend my drive tomorrow is going to look just like this freeway. I hate you, 405 South.


Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Video

[via LAist/Russell Houghten on Vimeo/Image via screencap]

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  1. 1102497_532692293447191_1642676093_o.jpg14
    Michael Moe

    awesome! thanks for sharing!!

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  2. JD3_2615web.jpg4
    Jesse Rinka

    Great idea…that must have been a hell of an editing task. Good job by him.

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  3. 11147228_10154123571548508_1315213231637183145_o.jpg9
    Keegan Carroll

    Thats Awesome!

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  4. nikky_strobist.jpg16
    Nick Viton

    Awesome. Must’ve taken a lot of work.
    (You know what else would be awesome; a Bones Brigade reunion!)

    | |
  5. IMG_87522.jpg10

    For a video A+ on the editing …..nice work

    | |
  6. Greg.jpg11
    Greg Faulkner

    That’s really awesome! For me not sure whether I liked seeing the cars come in at the end it kinda broke the illusion and didn’t add anything. That’s just me though and I’m not a film maker. It’s a really fantastic piece still and it never ceases to amaze me how far we’ve moved forward with digital image making technology.

    | |
  7. image.jpg4
    Aaron Spencer

    Pretty crazy editing. Pretty cool idea though!

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