When it comes to taking portraits, timing is everything. The quality of light can make or break a photo, and that’s why photographers often schedule their shoots around the golden hour. Golden hour is one of the most popular times of the day for outdoor portrait photography because of the dreamy, warm light during that short time frame.  This is the time just before sunset when the sun is low in the sky and the light takes on a warm, golden hue.

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Golden hour light is incredibly flattering, and it can transform even the most ordinary subjects into something special. Whether you’re shooting a landscape or a portrait, Golden hour light will add an element of magic to your photos. So next time you’re planning a photo shoot, be sure to keep an eye on the clock and make the most of the golden hour.  For more insight on capturing golden hour portraits, see our guest post over at Adorama, which offers 8 golden hour photography tips for magical photos.