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Godox V1 vs. Profoto A1 – Can You Guess Which is Which?

By Robert Hall on April 12th 2019

This is the light pattern from two flashes. One is the Profoto A1, the other is the Godox V1. Ignoring all the other discussion, which one looks better?

Which has a better light pattern?

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This is just the beginning of a comprehensive comparison between two of the most talked about flashes in the industry. Stay tuned for the full article & video showing sample images, quality of output, color data and much more. Subscribe to my YouTube to be the first to see it.

First Look at the Godox V1

The Godox V1 will be available in the U.S. from Adorama as the Flashpoint Zoom Li-on X R2 and is currently available for pre-order at a price of $259.00. The magnetic modifiers can be purchased separately for $59.00. For an overview of the Godox V1 check out my recent article here. Here is a closer look at the fired flashes on their own:

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Jasin Penney

    Ok, so which is which?

    | |
  2. John Hewick

    How far away are the lights from the wall? I think that matters in a “scientific” test. For example, a working distance would be around 6’-+ not 3’-4’ which this looks like. I want to see a better example. Often “tests” by amateurs are not very well thought out or executed. Also a “test” should be done by someone with no vested interest in either product not a fanboy. 

    | |
    • Francisco Hernandez

      Rob is far from being an amateur and while he does use Godox products this test is fair. If you watch his videos comparing Profoto and Godox you’d see that. 

      | |
    • Robert Hall

      Scientific comparison means they are compared on an equal standard, which they are.
      Your definition of working distance being 6′-+ is called “subjective”. 

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