Under the guises of MoLight, Flashpoint, Neewer and Cheetahstand, Godox has rightfully won their way into countless photographer’s bags. Godox-made products offer cross-TTL/HSS capability across multiple camera brands, and in combination with their low price point, they’ve put pressure onto bigger brands. Bowens even sited them (among others) as a reason for their demise.


Last month the photographic community was teased with an up coming product from the China-based company with the the A1, an off-camera flash and 2.4GHz wireless trigger that syncs with smartphones via Bluetooth.

Until now, price and details had been kept under wraps, with only a small demonstration of the flash in use being made available to the public. Ahead of the anticipated launch later this week, Godox has released more information about the product as well as studio portraits with a higher production value.

Gear Used:

Power output and color temperature of compatible LEDs are controlled via the accompanying GodoxPhoto app.

As more magazine covers, billboards, news outlets, and advertisements are being shot with mobile devices, it shouldn’t be a surprise if more products like the A1 start emerging onto the scene. It would allow mobile photographers another option in terms of lighting using constant sources, such as the ones from Rotolight.

The new A1 launch event is expected to happen on August 12th at 1:30 pm Shenzhen time or 1:30 AM EST with pricing and availability to follow after. For more detail about the event, you can visit Godox’s website here.

Via: DPReview