light-blaster-05-1680Tired of the same old brick wall or white backdrop? The Light Blaster is a tool in your creative arsenal to turn that dull backdrop into a canvas of endless possibilities. Remember the days when you had to sit through Science class on a rainy afternoon, and your teacher thought it would be so fun to show you a slide show of his vacation pictures? Click after click of that endless slide projector, as the clock clicks oh-so-slowly toward that three o’clock hour…

The concept of the Light Blaster works similarly to that projector, minus the boring vacation photos and much more fun. The Light Blaster is a light modifier unlike any other light modifier you might have; using a shoe mount flash and an SLR lens, the Light Blaster will allow you to project any slide onto a surface, providing countless creative opportunities for your photo shoot.


Light Blaster Giveaway

We are giving away a full kit valued at $389, including:

  • Light Blaster ($99)
  • 4 creative kits ($68)
  • 1 Pro gobo kit ($68)
  • Studio adapter ($120)
  • Pistol grip ($17)
  • Nikon Adapter if needed ($17)

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To see what you can do with the Light Blaster, check it out in action:

To read more about the Light Blaster, check out their website. Good luck!