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GIF-TY camera concept prints little flipbooks for your enjoyment

By Pye Jirsa on May 24th 2013

Remember those animations you used to draw in the corner of your school notebooks? You know, the ones where you draw 50 or 60 frames and then flip the pages to create an animation. Well a new concept camera called GIF-TY aims to allow you to create video animations using a similar format.

The GIF-TY camera allows you to record up to 5 seconds of video, and then it prints out so that you can bind each frame and create your own flip book style animation. Think of it sort of as a child concept of Polaroid Cameras and GIF Animations. Obviously there is no professional application here, at least to the camera in its current design, but it sure could be fun.

After watching the video above it actually reminds me a lot of Vine. Only in physical form and with no sound. Anyways, the camera itself is not available for purchase, and the only working copy is in the hands of its designer. But it has been hinted that a Kickstarter campaign may be in the products future.

Depending on the price, I could see this being a pretty popular kid’s novelty toy. Price would be a huge factor for something like this though.

What do you think? Is this something you would purchase?


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  1. Tanya Smith

    Coolest thing ever!

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  2. Thomas Arif Pierce

    I would buy, as soon as I read the headline.I.opened up the article to find out how much.

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