I don’t know if you have heard about this new camera, the GH4, but it has quickly cemented itself as one of the premiere video/stills combination cameras on the market and is getting high marks in almost every review. (I’m joking…of course, you’ve heard of this camera – here, here and here…)


Beyond the reviewers, consumers have really adopted this camera as well. Demand is much higher than what Panasonic had originally anticipated, and as such, getting your hands on a GH4 has been harder than one would like.

To try and keep up with the ever growing demand, it has just been leaked that Panasonic has doubled their production of the camera from 2,500 units per month to 5,000 units per month. Hopefully, this means that demand will die down as people who have ordered one start to receive their cameras.

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If you still have not pulled the trigger on a GH4, you can order them over at B&H. They are currently backordered, but if you order now, you will be one of the first to receive a unit once they are back in stock, which is expected on July 17th.


Does it surprise you the the GH4 is in so high of demand? Do you think that Panasonic doubling their production will help? Leave a comment below!