It’s real easy to get caught up in gear and camera settings when it comes to photography, wildlife photography is no different. But the key to wildlife photography, just as with any photography niche, is capturing a moment with emotion a moment that will catch a viewer’s attention or make a connection with them.


According to Wildlife Photographer Colin Knight a major key to finding these special moments, when relating to wildlife photography, Is to get out and explore the area around you. Look for places people don’t normally travel, places animals congregate or nest. These aren’t places that you will find on a map or places you will be able to search for on the internet – to find these locations you will have to get out and do the time looking for them.

It’s true that it may be a crap shoot 8 or 9 times out of 10, but the images that you will get those 1 or 2 times will be spectacular. Plus, once you find a place you can go back to you can spend less time looking and more time shooting.  Checkout the video below for some good examples.