Aging, I would venture to say, is good. Your gray matter, while maybe not as pliable, is probably more purposefully used; you have probably surrounded yourself with a group of people you care about after picking off the stragglers as the years move; you have money to spend on whatever you like whether it be bottles of brandy with just enough bon bois, to fishing trips; and you’re able to do things you can’t when you’re young, such as rent a car, and drink (not at the same time), and have sex (incorporating all three is your prerogative).

[REWIND: Quick Masking & Sharpening With Camera Raw & The Camera Raw Filter]

But there is a ‘yang’ to that ‘yin’. Mail has replaced the birthday cards and packages with bills and bigger bills; you realize your dream of being a fighter pilot is probably over; and your body begins to bloat and fall apart quicker than anyone ever told you. That last one is insidious and shows up first on the part of us everyone seesour face; bags, dark circles, lines, moles, rough texture, and blemishes. Time can be a cruel bastard. But there’s an app for that. Surprise surprise, it’s Photoshop. Here in this video tutorial Phlearn wizard Aaron Nace draws upon his well of Photoshop knowledge to show us a surprisingly fine way to turn back the clock on many of these pesky ailments.



Specifically the focus is demonstrated primarily on removing bags under eyes, which can be done in a myriad of ways, but he touts a tool which not many actually know about. If you’re one of the ones who does, well you can chime in if you like, but the fact is, it’s not very well known. Which is sad, because it’s tremendously useful. It’s worth a watch, and will help you perfect some post processing portraits in probably record time.

If you like this, and would like to become quickly adept at Photoshop, I might suggest having a look around our site as we generally post tutorials like this often. And to have a look at the Phlearn Photoshop 101 & 201 as they are comprehensive and will have you doing things with Photoshop you may have otherwise thought too complex, or didn’t even know you could do