Analogue film emulsion software have been quite the rage of recent years, gaining ground in popularity like some fame hungry D lister. You don’t have to be a hipster to use them, and used with care, they can be wonderful tools. I’m a huge fan of these types of tools. I have a series of VSCO sets, and am a fan of how SLRL Preset System offers easy vintage fades. VSCO and DxO are arguably the most popular with VSCO more of a household name due largely to their excellent mobile app. Neither are cheap, but now you can get DxO for free.


[REWIND: Man Overboard! Saving Analog Film From Extinction]

Sony’s DxO lets you “rediscover the magic of analogue film,” or frankly, discover it, by letting you reproduce the style, color, grain, effects of some notable analogue films. Useable for both Photoshop and Lightroom, they cover most bases, and will allow you to suspend the crystal, sometimes plastic look of modern shooters, in favor of some vintage looks. Here is a short, very short list, of some film offerings:


From now until August 15th, you can get the FilmPack 3, which would normally cost $79, totally free. Just follow this link to be taken to the download page. I believe, that you can also snag a copy of DxO’s Optics 7 Elite from their German site, though I haven’t tried it, and you can find that here.

Source: PetaPixel