In this video with Patrick and Lee from Fstoppers, we’re talking about all the things we’re excited about with the new upcoming gear including the Canon EOS R5, Canon 1DXMkIII, Nikon D6 and more! Details we’re excited that’s coming, things that we hope are coming, and some general wish-lists for what we feel should be coming from each of these camera manufacturers!

  • The Canon R5 can do 4k at 120fps and a whopping 8k at 30fps which is kind of mind-blowing, and built-in 5GHz wifi. Sending jpegs via wifi on site could make creating same day galleries and slideshows incredibly fast, but thinking about how things will work with the Canon Cloud servers makes things kind of overwhelming.
  • The Canon 1DXMIII shoots 4k RAW at 60p and from a video standpoint it’s incredible and is loaded with all the goodies of a sports camera, but the lower MP count doesn’t quite excite us. Especially since the new glass for mirrorless blows the old EF mount lenses out of the water.
  • The Sony A7SIII is FINALLY coming out. After a lonnnnnng wait and some out of order releases, this low megapixel – high iso video centric mirrorless camera could be one of the most interesting releases in the mirrorless market!
  • The Nikon D6 is a tad more controversial given Nikon shooters aren’t even that excited about it. Most claim it should have been a D5S given the specs, but then again, neither of us are really the target market of this $6k sport shooting camera. 20fps is impressive, but pretty unnecessary outside of shooting sports. What is impressive is the addition of the eye-tracking autofocus, especially since it comes as a feature through the viewfinder.

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