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Nikon D600 Gear & Apps

Gear! Nikon D600 to be a cross between D7000 and D800

By Leo Hoang on August 6th 2012

Nikon D600

A German magazine called “fotomagazin” has released an article regarding the rumored D600. The article is in German, so not everyone within the SLR Lounge community will be able to read it.

Click Here to view article.

However from what I gathered, the sentiments of this article is what has already been previously discussed in various other articles on the net, and one SLR Lounge.

However, with this article being released at this time, and with the recent leaked images of the D600, this camera is looking like it should be making its appearance very soon.

It seems to be a mix between D800 and D7000, the smaller body of the D7000, but with some of the D800 features (exc. the immense megapixel count).

If anyone does read German, I would love to hear your thoughts on the article.

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Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Real-Estate.

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  1. Dave

    Nikon has this year brought only four SLRs on the market: three full-size models (referred to as Nikon FX) D800, D800E and D4 and the APS-C-A model D3200 with DX sensor. As an exhibition raised Best Candidate For high-light at the photokina currently a low-cost full-frame SLR is traded, as the D800, obtainable from April cost a whopping € 2900 and is with its 36 mega pixels for over sized lot more amateur photo. The D600 was priced well below it, and be equipped with a 24 megapixel sensor as the kit lens was introduced in June, the, cheap Af-s offer 3.5-5.6/24 = 85mm G ED VR, which costs about 600 €. The housing of the D600 was not allowed to be quite robust as that of the D800 and the auto focus could be given less measured fields. It is well possible that the Nikon D600 after press deadline, but still been in this issue appear to end July or early August announced. A view hold it up to date.higher resolution sensor (16 or 24 megapixel) and bring an enhanced video function. Ware, however, also conceivable that in the professional segment nikon aps-c model no longer brings the D600 and this award-occupied sector. The elevated APS area could instead with a successor to the Nikon D7000 (launch October 2010)

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  2. Sean

    In a nutshell a less robust body than the D800, 24mp and propably a simpler autofocus – no news there.. Simply an fx d7000, will probably be announced in August. I think its a very nice step forwards with the d600, especially with the gap the d800 creates with its 36mp.. Not everybody has the computer power to make an efficient workflow with these images.

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  3. Sam Figueroa

    You forgot to link to the article. The tag is blank.

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  4. fart

    The link is worthless!

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