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2 Nikon Lens Announcement News & Insight

GEAR! Nikon Announcement! 2 New lenses to join their current line up

By Leo Hoang on June 14th 2012

2 Nikon Lens Announcement

Nikon has just announced two new lenses that are to join their current lens line up.

The two lenses that have been announced are:

Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AF-S DX VR = US$1,000

The Nikkor 18-300mm is a first for its focal range. This is a massive focal range and I can imagine being great for anyone shooting DX, who doesn’t like to keep switching out lenses. The 18-200mm was the perfect lens for my holiday to Rome last year, I never felt restricted with the maximum reach being at 200mm, however I can see the benefit for parents who want to cover their kid’s sports events and so forth. I can definitely see this lens being a hit!

Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.4-4.5G ED AF-S VR = US$600

The Nikkor 24-85mm range has previously been released in the past, however it’s worth noting the additional VR. Some might argue that the VR is not necessary for this focal length; however, I personally say it’s better to have the option of VR, even if you can shoot without it. So it can’t hurt for it to be in the line-up.

With the price point of the 24-85mm, and with it being a variable aperture lens, I see it being the perfect entry level FX lens, for the rumoured entry level FX Camera body, the D600.

What are your thoughts on these lenses?

For Nikon’s press release which contains full details of these lenses, click here.


Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Real-Estate.

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