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GEAR! My thoughts on the QuickDraw Holster

By Leo Hoang on August 16th 2012

As a Wedding Photographer, I do tend to switch lenses a lot. I even carry two bodies with me with a mid-range zoom, and a telephoto, just so I can quickly switch to grab the key moments if they’re near or far.

By this videos definition, I am a “Slinger”, so I look very similar to the image below.

I’m not keen on the idea of carrying two camera bodies as I feel it draws too much attention at a Wedding, but switching lenses in the field can be difficult when you only have two hands and no-where to rest a lens.

So when I saw this link regarding this new potential product called “Quickdraw”, it definitely caught my attention. It essentially allows you to carry a few lenses at any one time, and can act as a third hand whilst switching lenses.

There were mixed opinions on facebook , as some Photographers do not trust it will hold the lens, some have concerns about dust, and potentially knocking the lens whilst it hangs by your side.
I personally agree with all those opinions, but I still think regardless of these potential issues, it is a great concept.

No product is flawless, and no product will please everyone, however for this product, I definitely feel there are benefits to some photographers.

I feel this is a great product with great potential. I’m sure some people had concerns about the Black Rapid Strap not holding the camera, or that it might swing your camera around and knock the lens on something, however since its release, it has really taken off since many pro’s use it and gave it their stamp of approval.

We will never truly know until we try it, so I do hope this product does come to fruition. Currently there are only prototypes, and the inventor is calling out for investments to develop this product and put it into production. Would you consider donating?

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Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Real-Estate.

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  1. Ed Rhodes

    hmm, i dunno about this

    | |
  2. Anthony Riordan

    “I’m not keen on the idea of carrying two camera bodies as I feel it draws too much attention at a Wedding”. I think a futuristic lens belt is going to draw just as much attention if not more. I’m sticking with two bodies, i hate switching lenses in the middle of something and I just bought the blackrapid DR-1. Maybe a few years down the road

    | |
  3. cpr86

    Interesting Idea, but I’d rather have my lenses in a belt pouch, covered from damage. Don’t lock the lenses down ONCE and the rubbing up against your leg could unscrew them from the mount. ONE destroyed lens and you’d wish you never bought it.  Add in as you’re rushing around to take a photo and you hit your lens up against a table, railing, etc and it could be costly.

    | |
  4. Nicholas Gonzalez

    When he mounted his lens on the belt and “let go” I watched it drop against his waist in suspense. It may work, but I can’t risk off mounting my lens, letting it go, only to watch it fall to the ground. I think it’s a cool idea, but I’d rather use a belt system and watch the lens drop into the pouch; or my bag.

    | |
  5. Akivisuals

    I saw this on Kickstarter as well.  Seems like a great idea at first but then I thought about it for a minute.  It seems like it would be safer and easier to just put the lenses into pouches like the Think Tank belt system rather than locking and unlocking them with the lens mounts onto the belt.  The pouches would protect the lenses better and you don’t need rear caps if the lens is the only thing in the pouch (provided that the bottom of the pouch is padded.).  I don’t really care if people can see my “expensive L lenses”.  Honestly, I’d prefer that they NOT see them.  Just my ¢.02….

    | |