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Gay Weddings On The Rise, Opens Up New Exciting Market For Photographers

By Michelle Bird on May 29th 2014

Cean One Photo

Half of the states across the US, not to mention 13 countries as well, have legalized gay marriage and civil unions in the LGBT community. What does that mean for photographers worldwide? You have a brand new market to target your business towards. A brand new market to bring in some creativity, to think outside the box, to challenge yourself, and to a couple folks out there, to step outside of your comfort zone. After all, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

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As society tries its best to adapt, wedding photographers’ clientele have been progressively evolving these past few years. And if your clientele is evolving, you have to do some evolving of your own. For a market that has been predominantly heterosexual for decades, you basically have to forget almost everything you’ve learned about wedding and engagement photography and re-teach yourself some new techniques.


Authentic Eye Photography

You want to be ahead in the photography market don’t you? Don’t hyperventilate and go for that paper bag just yet. Yes, new things can be scary to tackle, sometimes intimidating, especially when they have to do with your business, but luckily for you two gals by the name of Kathryn Hamm– president of and veteran wedding photographer Thea Dodds, have you covered. So throw that paper bag away, use the recycling bin, thanks!


Maggie Winters

When Dodds tried to find information on photographing same-sex weddings, she hit a brick wall of frustration realizing there’s nothing out there to really help or educate you on photographing same-sex couples. Hamm and Dodds decided to collaborate together on a book titled, The New Art Of Capturing Love- it not only inspires, but also instructs photographers on how to cater to the LGBT community.


Their press release reads: “These are exciting times for marriage equality—but capturing portraits in this new market requires a new approach to posing, which until now has been almost exclusively oriented toward pairing a larger man in black with a smaller woman in white. What works for Jack and Jill won’t necessarily work for Jack and Michael, let alone Jill and Louise.”

The New Art Of Capturing Love, is the first of its kind, featuring 180 same-sex portraits of 72 couples from 48 photographers, with added tons of comprehensive information both valuable to photographers and LGBT clients alike.


Tammy Watson

To get in touch with Kathryn Hamm and Thea Dodds visit their official website, Facebook or Twitter.

You can get your copy of The New Art Of Capturing Love wherever books are sold.


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Michelle Bird is a Southern California based freelance photographer and writer, with a strong focus on music, editorial and portrait photography. She is the founder and creative force behind the music+culture online blog Black Vinyl Magazine, and can often be found in the photo-pit shooting the latest concerts in town. She has a strong passion for art, exploring, vintage finds and most of all animals. Connect with her through Email,
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  1. Barry Cunningham

    I’m not a wedding photographer, and hope never to be one.
    That said, it seems to me that what is important is tailor the photography what is meaningful to the couple getting married, which is going to be different for every couple.
    It may be easier to shoot to a formula, with standard stereotypes and cliches, but it is a disservice to every couple involved, whatever gender.

    | |
  2. Keegan Carroll

    Weddings are a beautiful day for all, gay or straight it shouldn’t matter. I would highly enjoy to cover a wedding like these. Everyone should have the same freedoms. Big plus to the photographer of these photos great job!

    | |
  3. Caroline

    Myself and my wife have been photographing weddings for almost 10 years now and in fact our first wedding was a lesbian couple! We don’t find any difference in photographing straight or gay weddings and we welcome all couples, all we capture is the love and love is love, there are no differences in the compositions from our perspective and that is how it should be viewed in every aspect of life!

    | |
  4. James

    Great article Michelle :)

    | |
  5. Marty

    Well it means a lot more business, however from all of the problematic issues resulting in lawsuits over the past year. It may also make for problematic issues as well. Many photographers may have been scared off by the lawsuits brought on by gay couple that have been turned away. I mean on one hand it may be lucrative, than again many who disagree with gay marriage may never book a gay couple anyways. So it’s a matter of opinion and choice. Would love to hear from other on this. I personally would shoot gay couples, they have a right to do as they pleased and as for as I’m concerned, you don’t turn someone away because they are married. It’s all business for goodness sake

    | |