Let’s be honest, we have all dreamed of being able to play video games while also working on our photos… Well… Ok, maybe it’s just me?

Either way, Ed Pingol has a handy new little invention that seems to make the process of culling much quicker and comfortable. While it looks a bit silly, the theory behind the product is actually quite sound.

Game companies spend millions of dollars in research and design in order to create ergonomically correct controllers in order to allow gamers spend hours gaming without the need to rest their hands. So, if it were possible, wouldn’t these make nifty controllers for other uses?

Well, Ed Pingol has created software to allow you to use a gaming controller for culling photos. Sounds kinda crazy right? Well, just check out the video below and watch how quickly he culls through images with just one hand and virtually no finger movement.

Looks pretty interesting if you ask me. What do you all think of the concept?

P.S. Ed, I love the reference to Contra (You know what I am talking about!)

Check out the official Cullinator Website Here.