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Game of Thrones Iceland Set: Fans Hike and Crews Freeze

By Anthony Thurston on March 30th 2013

Katka Lapelosa and her friends traveled from New York to Iceland to try and catch the Game of Thrones crews filming on a remote glacier. Beyond the obvious trans Atlantic flight the trip required hours of hiking in freezing conditions, and in the end they never did find the Game of Thrones set. What a bummer!


While I am sure they were bummed, they did come back with some pretty neat pictures of the Icelandic countryside and the same glacier where Game of Thrones was filming the scenes that take place beyond the wall. You should check out her blog post to see more of the pictures.

It was an interesting choice by the production team in a time where everyone seems to default to a green screen and VFX. In much the same way that photographers fight over using Photoshop or not, the production companies have to weigh filming in real locations vs building sets and green screening the scenes. Checkout this awesome video about the shoot on the glacier and some thoughts on why they chose to shoot on location vs in front of a green screen.


My Thoughts

I think it is great that they actually went on location in the middle of nowhere to shoot these scenes. Much like the argument of when is too much there Photoshop  these filmmakers need to constantly be thinking about if they are using too many VFX. It all stems from the same dilemma, are you going for a real look or a stylized look. I feel like the more stylized you are going for the more Photoshop and VFX people can handle, but when you are trying to make something look and feel real(As Game of Thrones is for the most part trying to do) nothing can quite give the same effect as a real live set or in the case of photography an image touched up as little as possible.

What do you guys think? Let us know in a comment below!

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  1. Michael Moe

    i will visit iceland next year! hope to see some of this spots!

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