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Game of Thrones: Behind the Scenes Look at The Filming of The Massacre At Hardhome

By Hanssie on June 4th 2015

Well, it looks like winter is finally here, Game of Thrones fans. In last Sunday’s episode (Season 5 Episode 8), the creepy White Walkers finally attacked the Wildling camp in an epic and terrifying massacre that, of course, was much talked about around the water cooler.

I’m an episode behind and if you are too, thankfully, the following behind the scenes video doesn’t give any plot points away. Fans of the show already knew that this day would come, when the decaying Walkers would come, and did they ever. In a horror movie-like sequence that had fans biting their nails in anticipation, a legion of White Walkers descended upon the Wildlings. HBO has given us a look inside the very cool, very cold production of this scene in “Hardhome.”



Watching what goes into filming a multi-million dollar show (it is estimated to cost $6 million per episode to make) and the work to put together a sequence that the series creator, David Benioff calls, “the most intense 15-minute sequence we’ve ever put together,” makes me even more awestruck. Using a couple hundred of extras, the production crew created a scene that looked like tens of thousands battling it out in a freezing damp land. Knowing GoT, it was bloody, messy and shocking (I’ll let you know after I watch it).

The scene took over a month to film and was shot at the Magheramorne cement quarry near Belfast last fall. In the show, an icy and deadly storm (created in post production) was brought in by the White Walkers. Computers and special effects multiplied the 200 White Walkers, their hundred thousand victims and made the location look vast and remote. Cranes were brought in to overturn the boats, tossing extras and actors into the cold waters of the lake, where a rescue crew was on hand in case of emergency. Seeing the bare set, the green screens and the White Walker prosthetics made me even more impressed with the show and the huge undertaking it is to produce.


Watch “Game of Thrones Season 5: Episode #8 – The Massacre at Hardhome (HBO)”

I love seeing behind the scenes videos like this of my favorite shows and seeing efforts of so many creatives come together. Only a few episodes left of the season and knowing this show, I’m sure there will be many more surprises and shock in store for us.

[Via NY Daily News]

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  1. Brandon Dewey

    very cool. I love BTS videos.

    | |
  2. Justin Haugen

    Now I want to watch that episode over again. AMAZING sequence. Great BTS

    | |
    • Hanssie

      I stopped it last night right before I got to that point as it was getting too late in the evening. (Talk about willpower!)

      I am super happy with the Cersei storyline right now, too. Love this show!

      | |
    • Justin Haugen

      One does not simply stop watching GoT before an amazing sequence!

      Did you see the GoT musical with Coldplay? Too funny

      | |
    • Hanssie

      Haha. One does if one has to get up at 5am the next morning. But I ended up watching it last night and it was just…wow! I love this show and am so sad the season is almost over :(

      | |
  3. Brian McCue

    pretty cool behind the scenes for GOT!

    | |