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G-Tech Continuing to Improve Solid Products – What Is Your Storage Setup?

By Jay Cassario on October 25th 2015

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Earlier this year at WPPI in Las Vegas, I had the chance to interview and speak to G-technology about their products and the direction they were going. I was impressed enough to start investing into their Studio line for my personal storage and backup system. I have been using their products now for close to a year and couldn’t be more impressed, so I was really interested in speaking with them again here at PhotoPlus Expo; not only to see what new products they had coming out, but to also see if they had made any improvements on the products I saw earlier this year.

A quick THANK YOU to B&H Photo for bringing us to New York City so we can speak with companies like G-Tech to bring you the latest news.



I sat down and spoke to Greg Crosby, their product manager, who was working the floor as I walked up, being pulled in every direction from swarms of interested customers. He started our conversation with the most impressive looking product at their booth, the new Studio XL. The Studio XL is a beast, but very sleek looking, resembling the other Studio line products. The Studio XL is a new 8-Bay Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solution with 2 of those bays being swappable with their EV-Series portable drives. This is the product I am really interested in and have a feeling that I’ll be investing in one soon. I really like the idea of being able to take a portable SSD drive out to the field on a shoot with me, dumping my images on it as back-up to my cards, then simply plugging it into my Studio XL to transferring everything into my RAID storage.


I run RAID1 with my current setup, but you can run RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and JBOD on the 8-Bay Studio XL. It can be used with either a Windows machine or MAC with Thunderbolt 2 with a transfer rate of 1200MB/s. It’s backed up with a 3-year limited warranty and unlimited free technical support, which I have taken advantage of this past year a couple times.


After writing my article last year about some of G-Tech’s new rugged line of products, a few readers commented their concerns with the idea of their portable drives not being SSD. Well, G-tech has fixed this with their new line of portable SSD drives, which are not only SSD but 40% lighter than the previous line. These drives can be used in their ATC all-terrain rugged cases which now offer USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectivity. These new lighter SSD portable drives can be used in the field then brought home or into the office and plugged directly into the new 8-Bay Studio XL.

This system couldn’t impress me more, and it was great to see that G-Tech took what they released just earlier this year and improved on it already.


The third product that Greg showed me is one that I personally don’t have a need for, but I know all the videographers shooting a RED will truly appreciate. They designed a reader for the RED Mini-Mag SSD Module, which is also swappable in the new Studio XL. With the reader plugged into the Studio XL, you simply plug your RED Mini-Mag in and you’re connected to your storage system.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 3.11.57 PM

There were a few other new products coming from G-Tech just around the corner, but I wanted to simply show you a few of the things I got to see at PhotoPlus. There are some companies that I have truly grown to love, and G-Tech is one of them. Not only investing in their products for my own use, but I always recommend them when asked about storage solutions. They make a very reliable product that continues to evolve and improve. As far as prices for the three products I mentioned above, I wasn’t given that info officially. All I can say is that the prices mentioned to me were inline with what you would expect from G-Tech.


Again, we appreciate B&H Photo for making this trip to PhotoPlus Expo 2015 possible! Get the latest G-Tech products at B&H Photo here.

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Jay Cassario is a fulltime photographer from South Jersey, owner of the multi-photographer wedding and portrait studio Twisted Oaks, and Brand Ambassador for Leica Camera USA.

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  1. Emerson Bailey

    I’m going to have to look in to this. And thanks for the follow on Instagram!

    | |
  2. Rick Garcia

    I use the Pegasus2 R4 – 4 drive bay by Promise Technology. I love this machine. You can create independent raid system with two drives and have the other two drives hot swappable or configure it how you like. Extremely fast with thunderbolt 2 connection and very reliable.

    | |
  3. Mark Romine

    I had one of these: At the time I bought it I really loved it. Matched my Mac pros and looked really good sitting on the desk. Notice the price for 8TB: $999.00. Also, notice the options for connecting to your machine: 3Gbit eSata. I had to add an eSata card to my MacPro. That was nice at the time for my MacPro but suppose I want to now connect that to today’s iMac or MBPro or even a MacPro. Can’t do it easily. There are limited options for adapters to other interfaces, plus how much speed do you loose with an adapter? That’s exactly what happened, I bought a new 5k iMac and wanted to connect this G-Technology enclosure to a new iMac, forget it. I tried to find an adapter from eSata to USB3. Bought one and it would not work even though it had really good reviews on Amazon.

    Also, since the G-Technology eSpeed enclosure was on eSata connector I had to add an eSata card which had to have the drivers updated more than once due to OS updates and G-technology neither provided those nor would they provide support for the drivers. I always had to go to a third party website to get the drivers for the eSpeed enclosure. Major aggravation.

    So since the G-Technology would not work with my new iMac I went shopping at my fav Mac support Store. OWC. Guess what I found there, the same equivalent size, 8TB: for $859.00. Saved $150.00. But that is not all. The fans on these enclosures are significantly quieter than the G-Speed from G-Technology. Best part, two TB ports.

    | |
    • J. Cassario

      Storage like this is one of those things that you make a decision, invest, and hope that you made the right one. I invested in G-Tech and have loved the setup I currently have using their products, luckily for me, knock on on wood, I haven’t had a reason to try any other company. Having had nothing but a solid experience, and everything just works flawlessly with my iMac and MBP, I am looking into upgrading to their new Studio XL. That being said, there are a couple other companies like OWC that I have heard good things about as well.

      | |
    • J. Cassario

      Bottom line Mark, you have a system in place, that is whats most important. There are too many photographers out there not using a good and reliable storage and backup system. I like to write on the products that I use, have invested financially in, and trust, which is why I met with them at PPE and wrote this article :)

      | |
    • Mark Romine

      I thought I was buying into a really good system when I first bought into G-Technology, I have three or four of their products. The ole saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ and all. Spent a lot of money on that eSpeed drive and I can’t play it forward to newer Macs, pretty disappointing. It was working fine other than having to update the eSata drivers for the card every couple OS updates. At least I was able to pull the drives from it and put them into the new enclosures from OWC with nearly silent fans.

      So initially I thought I was buying into a good system based upon the money that I was spending but I found something even better for less. It’s always good to shop around and ask questions.

      Thanks for your review. The problem I have with so many of the reviews on SLR Lounge is that they sound like an infomercial and not very objective.

      | |
  4. lee christiansen

    I have G-Tech. Their customer service is far better than nearly any other company I’ve dealt with. (They even dug out some old drives when I asked tricky questions about a discontinued line, just to get me the info I needed).

    The build quality is great and they’re fast. Any drive can fail – it’s a fact of life. Some of the G-Tech drives offer Enterprise Class units and that gives extra piece of mind.

    | |
  5. Mark Romine

    OWC, has products ever bit as good as G-Technology and at better pricing and superior customer service that is easy to actually get on the phone.

    | |
    • ken weil

      I dealt with them and was very unhappy. G-tech is actually made by another company which makes like 1/2 the drives out there. The actual drive isn’t any more special. Its just the outside that has a great look.

      | |
    • J. Cassario

      I had to call customer service to get some technical support about a mistake I made while changing from RAID0 to RAID1. I had someone on the phone in minutes that new exactly how to answer all my questions plus more, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

      | |
  6. Neil Holloman

    I got a G-Drive portable a while back and it was pretty bad. Would randomly unmount itself. I certainly hope it has improved…I paid like three times the price of other drives for it…

    | |
  7. ken weil

    if i didn’t have to I would never buy another g-tech product again. I got a brand new drive failed right after backing all my images up on it.

    | |