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FX vs DX Showdown: D600 vs D7000

By Anthony Thurston on April 9th 2013

For today’s night cap I wanted to highlight this great video put together by the guys over at Digital Rev. In this video the team at Digital Rev pit the new D600 up against the (now 1 generation old, but still very good) D7000.
This is actually something that I have been contemplating myself a lot recently as I have been feeling the urge to upgrade to a full frame body, but still feel like I could spend my money better on getting better glass and keeping my D7000. The video seems to confirm my thoughts about upgrading glass over body, at least when it comes to the D7000 vs the D600.

I think that I am going to stick with my D7000 and upgrade some of my glass, maybe a new 85mm, or that new Sigma 35 1.4. Anyways, checkout the video below – it was great to come across this right as I was thinking about this very topic. (very opportune as well, since if I upgraded my D7000 it would most likely be to a D600)

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What do you guys think? Aside from the obvious advantages that FX has over DX (Better Low Light for example) would you keep your D7000 or upgrade to the D600? Let us know in a comment below!

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Aidyn Chen

    It is plainly a D7000 with with a Full Frame senor. a full frame sensor usually perform better in low light wit better dynamic range. I would definitely consider a D600 since i also contains a DX mode. Also your DX lenses will still work on it.

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  2. Michael Cook

    I’ve been reading a bunch of reviews and everyone talks about how much better the FX is than a DX. I sold my 5DMKII and bought a D7100 and a D7000 and several lens. I shoot mostly golf and fishing tournaments, award banquets those kind of things. Anyways earlier I went to DPReview and compared the D7100,D7000,MKii and the D700. They have a tool that lets you compare the ISO of images shot in a studio environment. I ended up printing the images for ISO 100, 1600, and 3200 for each camera on my Canon Selphy 4×6 printer (what I mainly print for events is 4×6) for the life of me I can’t really tell which is which. Yes maybe if I was printing 16×20 or something. I think people get a little caught up in gear sometimes. The pictures I take go on the web or are printed up to a 11×14. I would love a D800, but I don’t need it to get the job done. At the low ISO under 1600, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between a D7000 and a D700. Just my opinion.

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  3. Ambient

    I have seen this vid several times….I was stuck as well….now I have the D600, D7000, & my new work horse D7100….I love the full frame, but my favorite is the D7100 because it give me a little more accuracy when using back button auto focusing, along with a tad bit sharper pictures.

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    • Nuno Alves

      Hi, if you have all the 3 cameras you are in a great position to give your opinion!
      I have the D7000 and have a chance to upgrade. For now I think I’ll go for the D600, although its a big investment for me. Do you not think the image quality over the d7100 is worth the investment?


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  4. Kevin Gamble

    Had this exact choice about 4 months ago. I stuck with the D7000, because it does essentially the same thing for half the price. I also get to keep all my DX lenses!

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    • Jon Diaz

      Have you shot with the D600? I own both and must say the difference in quality, especially low light is unbelievable!

      | |
    • Kevin Gamble

      No, I haven’t yet. It was really hard to justify going FX with everything else I got. Wanna ship me yours to try out!? ;)

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  5. echoes

    I own both a D600 and a D7000. The difference between the two is day and night, not only at high ISO but also in quantity and quality of details. I also have the 85mm 1.8G, and it’s the favourite lens I own, I like it more than my Nikon 24-70.
    D600 + 85mm is the combination you want, trust me!

    | |
    • Nuno Alves


      Is the Image quality difference so big that is worth the investment?
      I mean to sell the d7000 and get the d600? What about the dust issue, is there a great deal of risk?

      PS. currently I own the D7000

      | |
    • echoes

      It all depends on the money you want to invest in photography overall: are you going to invest money in lenses suitable for such a body? If so, I’d switch instantly. I have a hard time going back to my d7000 whenever I need to!

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