For today’s night cap I wanted to highlight this great video put together by the guys over at Digital Rev. In this video the team at Digital Rev pit the new D600 up against the (now 1 generation old, but still very good) D7000.

This is actually something that I have been contemplating myself a lot recently as I have been feeling the urge to upgrade to a full frame body, but still feel like I could spend my money better on getting better glass and keeping my D7000. The video seems to confirm my thoughts about upgrading glass over body, at least when it comes to the D7000 vs the D600.

I think that I am going to stick with my D7000 and upgrade some of my glass, maybe a new 85mm, or that new Sigma 35 1.4. Anyways, checkout the video below – it was great to come across this right as I was thinking about this very topic. (very opportune as well, since if I upgraded my D7000 it would most likely be to a D600)

What do you guys think? Aside from the obvious advantages that FX has over DX (Better Low Light for example) would you keep your D7000 or upgrade to the D600? Let us know in a comment below!