Pentax isn’t the biggest name in the world of cameras these days, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a quality product. Just look at their K-3 which won best Advanced DSLR Camera from EISA. They do though, have a knack for making some interesting styling decisions with their cameras, and these leaked images of their upcoming K-S1 DSLR prove that.

The images that you see below are supposedly leaked images of the upcoming Pentax camera. Unfortunately, there are no rumored specs or anything on this camera other than the name and these images, so all we can really comment on is the style and design.

Pentax-K-S1-DSLR-camera Pentax-K-S1-DSLR-camera-back Pentax-K-S1-DSLR-camera-front Pentax-K-S1-DSLR-camera-top

The top down view is fairly standard, doesn’t give off any indication of the unique features surrounding this camera. The front view is the first one that makes you pause, and wonder, “what the heck are those green LEDs for?” I mean they are right over the hand grip, so for 95% of photographers, these would never been seen except by the cells on the inside of your hand. Seems like an odd design/style choice, and I am curious to find out what they are for.

Things get odder as you move to the back view of the camera. They seem to have taken Canon’s back dial, and turned it into some sort of crazy futuristic mode dial. I’m not sure how I would like that, seems like it could be an easy place to accidentally move the dial while shooting.

Anyway, stay tuned for more details about this upcoming camera as I am sure specs of some kind will be known as its announcement gets closer.


What are your thoughts on this Pentax K-S1 DSLR? What do you think the green LED on the front is for, and what about that mode dial on the back? Leave a comment below!

[via Photo Rumors]