We have all heard about the Fujifilm and Panasonic organic sensor, and if you have been following the rumblings, you will know that it is taking longer than they would like to be ready. But one area of the sensor that people are curious about is the partnership between the two companies.


A new rumor that clarifies the partnership was recently posted over on 43 Rumors, in which it is revealed that Fujifilm is in charge of sensor development, while Panasonic will be responsible for the sensor production. In return for taking on the production of the sensors, Fujifilm will license all the technology to Panasonic – presumably for use in their own cameras.

That being said, there is still no mass production in the near future for these organic sensors. According to the latest information, the development has stalled, but is still moving along.

I am most interested to see how the two companies use the technology once it is viable. Since Fuji cameras use APS-C sized sensors, and Panasonic utilizes the Micro 4/3 sized sensors, I am curious if one or the other will change to the other sensor size (Fuji to M4/3 or Panasonic to APS-C) or if they will develop the sensor in the sizes needed by both companies.

What are your thoughts on this new revelation regarding the Fuji/Panasonic partnership? Do you think that this organic sensor will ever see the light of day? Leave a comment below!

[via 43 Rumors]