Fujifilm has been capturing the imaginations of photographers with their high end X-Pro1 and X-T1 cameras, but when it comes to the lower end of their X-Series, the excitement has not been there. Fujifilm is hoping to change that with their new X-A2, which I was able to take a look at while visiting the Fuji booth at WPPI.


In the X-A2, Fujifilm has a base entry level option for photographers looking to get into the X-Series system, but who can’t stretch the budget for something more expensive like the X-T1 or X-Pro1. ¬†Unlike its older brothers, the X-A2 features a much more modern design than the vintage styles applied to other X-series cameras.

Having held it in my hands, I was able to really get a feel for it and how it works. I must be honest, it really doesn’t give you as nice of a grip as the Sony A6000 or the Samsung NX500 which I wrote about earlier. It is much nicer than the X-A1, in my opinion, but it still isn’t quite there when compared to its closest competition.


Despite the deficiencies in how the camera handles and feels in the hand, the actual experience of shooting is wonderful, and is on par with anything that I have seen from the A6000 or NX500.

The selfie-friendly flip out screen was both something that impressed me, and also gave me pause. I like the function of it, but unlike other flip screens – like the one on the X-T1 and the D750 – it feels a bit flimsy. For example, on my X-T1 and the D750, I feel like they could take a fair bit of abuse, vs the X-A2 which is not quite on the same level.

Overall though, the camera seems to deliver quality images in an affordable package. It has some tough competition, but for those looking for specifically to get into the X-series at a great price, the X-A2 is a great option.

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