An interesting twist has come up in addition to the rumor we shared earlier in the week regarding the X-Pro1s being scrapped in  favor of the X-Pro2. According to another source, as stated by Fuji Rumors, the X-Pro2 will feature a Full Frame sensor.


This would be interesting news for sure, since Fujifilm has dealt exclusively with crop sensor bodies in the past. The other rumor worth noting is that the current XF lenses would not work on this new X-Pro2, meaning that Fujifilm would also be releasing 3-5 new FF lenses to go along with the X-Pro2.

This is just a rumor, and as with all rumors take it with a heavy dose of salt, but if this turns out to be true, this could be huge! Fujifilm has been doing to crop sensor bodies what Sigma has been doing with their new lenses. It would be interesting to see how the Fujifilm FF X-Pro2 would compare with the Sony A7 series, as well as the Canon and Nikon full frame DSLRS.

If Fujifilm could knock a full frame mirrorless out of the park as they have with their new X-t1 then Sony, Canon, and Nikon will all be in trouble. As with all new line releases though, it will depend heavily on the performance and cost of the new FF lenses. Regardless, this is a big rumor, and if it turns out to be true, even bigger news.

Stay tuned…

[via Fuji Rumors]