If you ask many photographers who have converted to Fuji about their biggest gripe, one of them will be the rather limited options and support for speedlights. Sure, just any old manual flash will work, but if you want to get into more advanced TTL or wireless control features, currently, you are out of luck with the Fuji system.

Fuji’s only current true Speedlight, the EF-42. Works great for fill flash, but is rather limited.

A new rumor indicates that this may be changing though, as an anonymous source passed to the FR admin this morning that Fuji will announce a new speedlight at CES this week. It is always important to take rumors with a grain of salt, especially those from anonymous sources, but this rumor seems pretty plausible to me.

The interesting question is, if the speedlight will indeed have TTL and Wireless control, how will that work with the current Fuji bodies? I am sure that a simple firmware update could be the solution for the TTL control, though wireless control via a radio transmitter would be impossible unless they had one hidden in the hardware waiting to be ‘turned on’. Maybe some sort of control unit can be purchased and attached to your camera via the hot shoe.

This brings us to two pretty big rumors for Fuji that could be coming this week. First the 16-55mm F/2.8, which sounds like an amazing lens, and now this new Speedlight with a guide number of around 52 and possible TTL/Wireless control capabilities. This could turn out to be a pretty cool week for Fuji system owners.

Only time will tell…

[via Fuji Rumors]