It has appeared in the rumors many times over the last year, Fujifilm’s fabled Organic sensor technology. Today, we are learning, by way of the rumor mill, why we haven’t seen any camera with this tech just yet…


Fujifilm’s Organic Sensor Too Hot and Uses Too Much Power

So what about this Organic Sensor that we have heard so much about since it was  announced by Fujifilm? This is the same sensor that is rumored to be holding up the X-Pro2 camera body?

Well, according to the team over at Fuji Rumors, the new sensor is running into some issues preventing it from being implemented in any new bodies currently. Basically, they say that the sensor runs too hot (gives off too much heat), and also drains too much battery power.


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Mirrorless systems are already known for being big battery drainers, so implementing a new sensor that would create more heat and drain even more battery would be a bad call. So it makes sense that Fuji would hold off using the new technology until they can get the heat down and the power consumption down as well.

The good news in all of this, power consumption – to my understanding anyways – plays a role in how much heat a sensor produces. The more power flowing through it, the more heat it produces (Obviously, I am over simplifying it). One would venture to guess that if Fuji can find a way to get the power consumption down, they could, in turn, improve the heat issue as well.

As for if this sensor will in fact be in the X-Pro2 or not, that is still up in the air, with no real reliable rumors about that to this point. We will keep you updated though if that changes. As with all rumors though, please remember to use sufficient salt when consuming this one. These rumors are fun to discuss – but should never be taken as fact.

[via Fuji Rumors]